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Leather has no, or only a light surface protection with a natural leather look and a very soft surface. There is a risk that there are marks in the leather as leather is a natural material and each hide is unique. Leather is vulnerable to dirt and will eventually become slightly darker.
Maintenance and Care
A very common problem is spill over from denim and other textiles. especially on the bright leather ranges. By treating the leather with leather protection cream before use, it is easier to re-move any excess dye since the colour primarily sits in the protective cream. The protection cream protects the leather against stains and increases durability and retains a natural softness. For normal use, the furniture should regularly be vacuum cleaned with a soft nozzle. This is done to remove dust and dirt. Leather furniture should never or very rarely wiped with a damp cloth as water dries out the leather. If necessary, the cloth must always be wrung in demineralising water due to calcium in the water. For standard use, leather furniture should be cleaned with a soft leather cleaner 6-12 times a year. leather protection cream is recommended 2-4 times a year or as needed
  • Do not use soap 
  • Do not place the leather furniture too close to a heat source
  • Protect the leather furniture from direct sunlight for longer periods
  • Vacuum with a soft brush nozzle