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Steel and Powder Coating



It is recommended in environments with low salt, low pollutant and urban areas cleaning should take place at a minimum of every twelve months. In areas where salts, pollutants and high corrosivity levels are prevalent, e.g. beachfront houses or industrial areas, it is recommended a cleaning program should be carried out more frequently at a minimum of every six months. Sheltered areas can have a higher risk of coating degradation as wind-blown salt and other debris or pollutants may adhere to the surface and not be removed when it rains. These areas may require more frequent cleaning. 
Maintenance and Care
All powder coated products should be cleaned with either a soft cloth or a brush, using a solution of mild soap and warm water. The best type of soap to use for this purpose is one that has emulsifiers that can break down the most common types of stains. A benefit of powder coating is its ability to resist rust caused by oxidation. Rinsing the furniture with cold water won't damage the finish. Allow the furniture to dry completely before placing cushions on the seat.