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Because wood is a living material, it demands care and maintenance throughout its life span. Discoloration of wood can be postponed or avoided by protecting it against sunlight, too much liquids and dirt. it is important to keep. We recommend all surfaces are left empty of vases, bowls and other items as sunlight and humidity changes can create discoloration in the material and it might warp. Other general rules are to use a moist cloth for cleaning and remove spilt liquids on the surface immediately.
Maintenance and Care
Wood has to be able to breathe or else it will crack. we recommend that you never to cover your wooden furniture with material that does not breathe, like plastic or wax for more than 12 hours at a time. also, remember not to keep your wooden furniture in a non-heated room and protect it against too much heat from a radiator, a wood stove or anything of that sort. Take good care of your wooden furniture as it does not like too much direct sunlight, too much humidity fluctuation, getting too wet, too much cold or too much heat. For daily care, wipe off with a clean, moist cloth followed by a soft dry cloth. A stained surface has been sealed in a way so it is difficult for liquids and dirt to penetrate into the wood. Still, a stained surface is very delicate and scratches cannot be removed once they are on the surface. Be very careful in the first month upon the arrival of the furniture as it takes approximately four weeks for the stained surface to fully harden. Good thorough cleaning. If damage to the surface occurs, it might be necessary to re-stain the surface. We recommend using a professional for this.